Let Us Help Your Client’s Businesses Grow

Programs, Workshops & Seminars

If you believe that your clients deserve educational programming and the opportunity for small business support but do not have the time or expertise to provide such services, consider partnering with Mansmann Foundation. Mansmann Foundation has provided numerous organizations with access to our Peer Mentoring POD program, specialized educational programming and workshops, and sponsorship of small business related programs.


Is your neighborhood small business community or business services based organization interested in furthering the success of your business owners? Mansmann Foundation can provide the expertise to conduct workshops in your area. Contact us to discuss opportunities that would be beneficial to your group.

Introducing your network to our Peer Mentoring POD program will only prove to make them stronger business owners and eventually leaders in their industry. Mansmann Foundation is able to place individual business owners into existing Pods, or create Pod groups specific to your organization.

If your organization is interested in developing an educational workshop or program to offer to your clients contact us at info@mansmannfoundation.org to inquire about our services.

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