Q & A with Barb Moore

What was your worst business experience?
My trucking company was flooded in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan. We lost everything including trucks, the phone system, all of our computers and our office equipment. Due to my employees and fellow business owners (our competitors and vendors) we were back in business in three days and profitable again in three months.  

Tell us about your best employee.
It is the ones who consistently took initiative to head off and really solve problems that stand out. I had two separate controllers who were always prepared and ran ahead of me. I also had one driver who always improved the situation wherever he went. Hiring employees who are proactive and quality oriented advanced my business and made my work easier.

Which business book influenced you the most?
Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey. It’s not a business book but it helped me to understand money, cash flow and the role of debt in my business. When I sold my business I set up a fund at the Pittsburgh Foundation.

If you had a magic wand, how would you use it?
I would find a way to make it more apparent that small businesses make huge contributions to our economy. Small business create 64% of the new jobs in America and are responsible for almost 50% of the employment in the private sector. (Source: SBA Office of Advocacy – 2012)