Dylamato’s Market

Dianne Shenk joined our Hazelwood pod looking for some guidance on successfully marketing her farm stand. She felt that the proper marketing could help her quickly grow her business in Hazelwood. Since joining the Peer Mentoring Pod, Dianne has grown her business from a farm stand to a brick and mortar Market. Congratulations Dianne!

Here’s what Diane says about her POD experience:

What problems were you facing in your business that prompted you to join the Pod Group?
I was struggling with marketing my business.

In what ways has your Pod Group help you overcome a particular problem?
Ongoing insights, support, suggestions.

In what ways has your Pod Group given you confidence as a Small Business Owner?
It really helps to hear from other entrepreneurs about what is working and what isn’t, especially within the framework of the community we are all working in.  The customer base is similar for all of us.  The marketing is similar.  The strategies are similar to reach out and market to the community and from the community to the wider Pittsburgh area.