JADA House International

Terri Shields joined our Hazelwood Pod with a clear mission that was so close to her heart. She struggled with completing the necessary steps to register her ministry. Within her Peer Mentoring Pod were individuals committed to helping her navigate the paperwork and red tape so that she could concentrate on her faith based community ministry. We are so proud of you Terri!

Here’s what Terri had to share about her POD experience:

What problems were you facing in your business that prompted you to join the Pod Group?
I joined the Peer Mentoring Pod because I wanted to feel more educated in business.

In what ways has your Pod Group help you overcome a particular problem?
Being engaged with others and listening to their suggestions has helped our ministry to grow! We are now properly registered with the state!

In what ways has your Pod Group given you confidence as a Small Business Owner?
In the Pod Group I no longer felt alone. I learned that I could do this and I went out and did it!