Leona’s Ice Cream

Katie Helstab joined our Wilkinsburg Pod while facing a quandary in hiring. She could not understand why she could not find the right employee fit for her quickly growing business. Her peers were able to help her define what she was missing in an employee. Katie was able to move past this obstacle quickly and get back to what is most important, providing us all with those delicious ice cream sandwiches!

Here’s what Katie says about her POD experience:

What problems were you facing in your business that prompted you to join the Pod Group?
I thought that our company could benefit from a wider business knowledge base.

In what ways has your Pod Group help you overcome a particular problem?
The Pod has been incredibly helpful with staffing and employment obstacles that we’ve faced. Much of the time the group helps me reinforce my decisions and think about issues from different points of view.

In what ways has your Pod Group given you confidence as a Small Business Owner?
It’s nice to see that other people and businesses have similar struggles. Just the feeling of community and knowing you have a place outside your company to get an opinion is fantastic.